I have been very worried about robots taking away the jobs of people but I am getting more relaxed about it.
It will take a while, if ever, that so many people are going to be replaced by robots. But not for the lack of trying….
Companies would love to have robots do the work.
Imagine, no health insurance, no sick leave, no social security….
There are quite a few robot cars driving around San Francisco and they are not passing the grade even though the authorities are very much on board to license them. Continue reading GOOD NEWS ON THE ROBOT INVASION


All you need is love……
The obvious kinds of love are well-known.
Romantic love? Movies and novels are full of them.
We want to be in love and we want a partner who loves us and fulfills our ever wish.
Family love like kids and pets and spouses, parents, relatives and best friends also show up in our daily lives.
Platonic love fits in here.
Love of country and divine love with warrior bonding are braided in. Continue reading 17 KINDS OF LOVE


I understand that the Pilgrims and the people for whom Europe became too secular and free came to the United States to continue enforcing their moral codes.
It is obvious still that no opportunity is missed to enforce it.
The constitution says clearly, separation of State and Church. And that is how it is supposed to be. It not only means that everybody can believe what they want to believe and practice a religion. It also gives the same freedom to people who don’t want to be believe in any kind of religion. Continue reading GET A GRIP ABOUT WHAT TO CALL SEXUAL HARASSMENT

Of course, health care!

I am trying to get my mind around this opposition to universal
health care:
If you eliminate vindictiveness against Obama.
If you eliminate the money question.
Here is what I cannot accept:
People are dependent on companies and corporations for work.
Corporations need people to do their work.
Workers are at the beck and call of corporations.
If the companies are busy they need workers.
If the companies make less profit they lay off or fire their workers. If workers get laid off at the mercy of these same companies and corporations, how can they be expected to become responsible for health insurance? Continue reading Of course, health care!

cut away the drama and you get the class fight

In the United States it has been unpopular to think of American society as divided into economic classes.
It flies in the face of what the United States of America believes it stands for
and what we value: equality and equal opportunity.
The class system is not obvious and gets obscured because the working class and the middle class are pitted against each other via race, religion and sexuality. Continue reading cut away the drama and you get the class fight

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