to much negativity out there

Too much negativity out there…
I am going to talk about how to be loving:
Talk nice.

Make sure to spell right.
Listen to nonsense and respond gently.
Post nice things on Facebook sometimes.
Actually disagree sincerely and calmly when people say:
“I don’t believe that the moon landing happened,”
Without saying:
What kind of moron would think that millions of people could conspire to make up a moon landing when we have to have 16 kinds of whitening toothpaste because we can’t agree on one choice?
And nod politely when hearing about the self-driving cars rather than saying:
If Russia can hack our election and Nigerian scammers send us dozens of friend requests or million dollar inheritance news each day, they couldn’t hack into a car?
And debating evolution?
Like Angela Merkel would say:
“That is not our WORKFLOW.“
So maybe every once in a while let’s be generous in this negative world full of opinions and all the other stuff that makes life difficult.
Let’s find creative ways to make the world a better place so we can continue to exist.

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