A few days ago I realized that I care for my face and skin all the time. I get my hair done and pump up my muscles because I want
to look good.
But I actually haven’t ever said hello to my heart until now – ever;
much less thanked it for its tireless 24/7 work for as long as I have lived. Nor have I praised my lungs, my brain, my nerves and the rest of my insides.
I give my stomach a little more attention because I get heartburn.
And that’s what we do: react when we feel pain or discomfort. Give it pills or whatever we are told to do.
I became aware of this when I read advice from a father to a daughter on Facebook:
“Every morning when you wake up, massage your heart for a couple of minutes.”
I tried it (it can be done even with breasts) and WOW, my heart got happy.
I have been paying attention to the rest of my body since then too.
For the first time I have been owning my body from the inside out.
I am my body, all my organs, my ligaments, my blood, my lymphs.
All of it.
You might say, DUH!
What’s new?
What’s new is giving credit and acknowledgment to ALL of me.
My body is everything I got to experience my life to the fullest.
I have started living from the inside out.
I am checking in with my inside as much as I take care of the outside of me.
I am getting to know where everything is inside my body by feeling it, experiencing it, visiting with my thoughts and making sure my body is running well.
I am just at the beginning stages of living from the inside out and it is a nice journey.


  1. That is such a break through !

    We often over look the functions that are ‘behind the scene’ that make things possible .
    Like they say, out of sight , out of mind .

    However , unconsciously you have physically given attention to your heart , lungs , and respiratory system each time you perform cardio vascular activity .

    That’s why I’m the gym we work the whole self
    From the roota-to-the-toota, bottom-to-the-top

    This is the reason you have a heart that has beat this long and strong and still ticking ….
    And a good foundation to stand on

    Thank you for sharing your words of inspiration and of gratitude,with the reminder to keep appreciation for our whole being not just parts

    Thank you

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