planet earth is our spaceship

Our planet earth is breathtakingly beautiful.
From the clouds that form in amazing formations, the oceans, nature, trees, plants, flowers, rain and animals everything around us is stunningly beautiful.
And we can breathe here.
But most of us don’t notice it.
We are too busy thinking we are the center of the universe – in our lives, in our groups and in our societies.
This is a reminder.
We are not the center of the universe!
We are on a big rock hurtling at an immense speed through a vacuum, with other rocks careening around us at even greater speeds.
Our earth is our space ship and we are whizzing around in a
deeply dark empty universe.
There is nothing out there.
Just empty space with different kinds of rocks and
no air to breathe.
We have not seen any other living beings of any kind on any
of the other rocks.
We have been to the moon.
Nobody there and we can’t breathe there.
Our space machines have flown by Mars and other planets and have actually left our Milky Way.
There is no life to be had anywhere.
And we can’t breathe there!
This planet earth is our home, our spaceship.
We can’t go anywhere else.
We can’t breathe there.
This is it!
We better get it together soon.

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