Nature is not full of drama.
It does not have moods and depression.
If it does not get water, sun and earth, it dies.
Not a lot of fanfare that it is dying.
It’s as simple as that.
Here today, gone whenever the ingredients
for sustaining life are absent
Nature does celebrate life though.
Joy of aliveness is expressed in every leaf
every flower, every blossom and every fruit.
Every plant turns toward the sun
Roots reach into the earth to get the nutrients and water
And the stems are protected to carry nutrients
In a crunch leaves are thrown off first, and flowers,
Then the branches
Then the bark is shed
Survival at its best
But still no drama
Either it survives or it doesn’t.
We on the other hand
are masters at drama
If things don’t go our way we throw fits
We get angry and sad
and depressed
Survival does not kick in for a long time
We consider finding solutions to circumstances hard work
We want someone else to fix it.
We rarely look inward to draw on our own resources
No surprise that we don’t have a survival plan.
So we wallow in our misery and sorrow.
But there is a great solution.
Get calm in our lives
Still the mind and body
and look inside to find our best solution.
We will find it.

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