be your own best company

“Consciousness is a precondition of being.”
C.G. Jung

A lot of people do not spend time with themselves.
They don’t even think about putting some attention
on their own ideas and growth.
They put a lot of time making themselves look good
or pretty or acceptable.
But checking inside their minds is foreign to them.
And what goes on inside ourselves is fascinating.
First off the brain runs our whole inside starting from all the organs to everything else that makes us be alive.
Of course it has help from the organs which tell it what is needed.
Even more interesting is how we are processing what goes on
around us.
We are connection-making machines. We try to sort everything into the already existing structure of our brains, our previous experiences and knowledge.
If we stick only with that method of sorting our experiences into what is already existing we are only knowing what is already there.
There is no breakthrough or new insight possible.
It takes some effort and willingness to break up the tried and true patterns we are thinking in and actually let new information and insights into the brain.
Once we let that happen the entire world and our thoughts about it become completely interesting and fresh.
Life is then an adventure and a journey of discovery every single moment.
And the brain even has a mechanism when we sleep where it processes all the events and thoughts of the day.
By just taking time to let new thoughts and ideas into our brain we are having access to a world we never even dreamed existed.
It is the best way to live and to have fun.

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