Facebook quote of the day:
“Be gay. Be straight. Be transgender.
Believe in God. Be an atheist.

Get an abortion or don’t.
I am pro-leave people alone.
I am pro-respect people even if you disagree with them.
I am pro-supporting family and friends.
I am pro-mind your own business!”
Choosing a lifestyle we want has been promised in the constitution. The constitution was written by men who were flawed in their lives and often did not live the lives they

advocated for.
But here we are, luckily, with a constitution that now is

supposed to represent all people.
It is the law of the land.
It is not completely adhered to and it has often been enforced selectively.

We are now seeing the results of that omission and discrimination.
Right now there is a strong effort in the works to roll back the promise of the constitution to again only represent men, and only the “chosen” men, not all of them.
It needs to be changed to ALL PEOPLE rather than ALL MEN.
Because the ALL MEN are Created Equal line empowers a certain segment of men to think of themselves as superior and of having the right to lord it over the rest of us.
It has to stop.
Women and men have to fight for our right to a pursuit of happiness however we see fit, without anybody being able

to tell us how to live our lives.
This is 2019.
Stop the insanity of telling other people how to live and start working to create a world that works.

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