as humans we suck

We are so proud of ourselves, that we have made inventions, have houses, planes and cars and all the amenities that come with the modern life.
But in the 21st century we still have not evolved beyond our basic, AND I mean, BASIC, tribe mentality.
We still stick with our own tribes, however we define them and there are many, many ways to belong to a tribe.
Many stay with the tribe they are born into, religions, countries, states, families, ethnic groups, skin colors. Those are just a few of the tribes that people belong to and like to stick with, some bigger, some smaller.
And many still think that their tribe is the king of tribes. They believe that they can tell the other tribes what to do because they are the best tribe and have the right to lord it over others.
We have still not found an access to broaden our approach – to see all of us humans as our tribe. It is pitiful.
Various leaders and scientists have tried to show us, hey, look, we all are the same combination of cells. We have the same characteristics with slight modifications. Those modifications are small and underneath we are all made out of whatever chemical components that make us humans.
Not only that, the animals have similar components.
We all breathe air for one.
If there is no air, there is no life here on this planet as we know it.
That is a commonality for starters.
So what is this all about, thinking that one tribe is better than the others? It is made up.
Different tribes have to fight each other to claim or retain their territory? There is enough for everybody if we work together.
What if we saw our commonality and take on the task of living on this planet together for the good of all.
How about being busy finding ways to survive together?
But that is not nearly as much fun as sticking to your own tribe and putting down other tribes. And better yet, kill the other tribes, the more the merrier.
Make the tribe you belong to the one that is the only one that should have a right to exist and then annihilate the others.
What kind of imbecility is that?
We can’t figure out anything else with all our combined intelligence, education, inventions and smarts? Really?
How about finding solutions to the problems we are facing that don’t include killing each other.
But no.
We keep killing other tribes over and over and over again as if that were a good solution.
Killing the other tribes or members of other tribes
We can be better than that.
Let’s grow out of our narrow tribe mentality and think of solving the tribal slaughters once and for all. And find solutions.

One thought on “as humans we suck”

  1. Once we overcome the materialistic, selfish, and obsessive mentality there might be a way to evolve beyond the tribal mentality. Even in the animal kingdom tribal mentality is dominant, not to mention survival of the fittest, even within the same tribe.
    A better sense of purpose, compassion, and kindness can lead the way to many solutions. The key is the willingness to go the extra mile and grow. It takes motivation, gratification and a better sense of awareness and emotional intelligence.

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