Difference between breaking rules and basic wrong

There is a big difference between breaking a rule and a basic wrong.
If you are not supposed to be make a turn on a red light and
you do it anyway, that is breaking a rule.
If you try to deliberately harm another person that is a basic wrong.
Even kids know that difference.
It is the primal ethical structure on which common decency
is built.
And it is in our collective genetics.
It comes with our human structure.
We are born with a sense of right and wrong.
And the group, the tribe, society are the watchdogs who are supposed to make sure that this basic wrong is not perpetuated.
By and large that is what happens.
But we wouldn’t be humans if this does get abused and manipulated.
According to Jens Kjeldgaard-Christiansen, a Scandinavian Moral-psychology researcher “the evil villains of fiction are typically out to get what others have.
They care nothing for the good of the group or the community or society.
They only care for themselves.”
He continues to describe the nature of a villain:
“We recognize the baddie because he tends to exhibit one or two qualities:
Either he delights in pure malice or he acts selfishly and with only his own health or prosperity in mind.”
I can think of quite a few guys where this description fits to a T in real life.

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