happiness needs freedom

People think the more money you have the happier you will be.
After a certain level of stability more money does not bring happiness.
Freedom brings happiness.
To have the freedom to make personal decisions in your life the way you see fit, that is happiness..
To choose where and how to contribute to people and society and have satisfaction out of your contribution, that is happiness.
To love and be loved by people of your choice, that is happiness.
To earn your own money and have access to education and career opportunities, that is happiness.
To have control over your own body, that is happiness.
To be able to grow and learn, that is happiness.
To live the way you like, that is happiness.
To be able to speak freely, that is happiness.
To be treated fairly and equally in life, that is happiness.
It isn’t money.
It isn’t a bigger car, a luxury house, the latest gadgets.
Freedom to be yourself – that is happiness.

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