If I hear one more time…..

“I did it all by myself and so can you if you only tried hard enough”.
What Baloney!
We didn’t pave the streets that the cars or trolleys use to get us places we want to go.
We didn’t build, much less invent the airplanes and build the airports and we weren’t the air traffic controllers who make sure we get wherever we want in comfort.
And just for the record for coffee pod users:
Nespresso sells a minimum of 8 BILLION! coffee pods a year.
ONE pod weighs of 1 gram.
Those 8 billion coffee pods produce
8 million kilos of aluminium waste
8 million kilos are 17,636,981 pounds of aluminum waste.
Per year.
For our kick and coffee break whole swatches of Brazilian rainforest, not to mention “somewhere in Africa” natural living areas are destroyed and the toxic waste dumps are being filled.
Because we send our toxic waste back to them.
I am letting lots of other similar examples rest.
But then we have the cold-bloodedness to tell these poor people whose countries we are ruining not to come to our borders.
This is not just us.
It is North America and Europe.
We don’t have kids whose hands are in ice water for 16 hours peeling shrimp so we don’t have to.
I am just as culpable as the next person for sure.
I just don’t think it is right that we think we are
successful all by ourselves.

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