We are in the new Age of Enlightenment


We have the same problems as those in the Age of Enlightenment. Life is going too fast and change is happening too rapidly. Starting in 1687 until 1789 they were talking and writing that the new age of technology and science had arrived and they were postulating that people had to be prepared for change rather than hold on to the old traditions and ancient wisdoms. That created conflicts, displacements and fears of survival. It is the same now with internet, artifical intelligence and technology having penetrated our lives so fast that many people are unable to adjust and cope. It explains so much of the current pushback and unhappiness because people to want to go back to the so-called good old days. Those were not really such good old days, but they were easier for people to handle and maneuver. They felt competent and in charge of their lives. Much of the push to the right now might be attributed to the perception that people are afraid of losing their ways of life, livelihoods and respect. They don’t want the current touted progress that is too overwhelming and often does not take humanity, self-determination and societal support into account. People want to contribute, work, earn a living and live a life they love. The threat to lose it all is palpable for many and they react, through votes and protests, down to violence, discrimination and other forms of resistance. The similarity is glaring. Heidi Mueller


Albert Einstein:
“The world we have made as a result of the level of thinking
we have done this far creates problems we cannot
solve at the same level at which we created them

It is incomprehensible to me that we are witnessing people attacking each other over actions or decisions that were made decades ago.
That even goes for the president, the judges and the people that were wronged.
There is no way to go back and change what has happened, what has been done and what has been thought.
What counts is what will be thought and done now, in the present, and for the future.
What are the plans to move beyond injustices, wars, killings, poverty, and the lack of direction we have as a human race?
How will we evolve to a higher level of society and a planet that is not at constant war with each other?
The questions that need to arise now are how get past the wrongs and create a brighter future.
End of Story.
Anybody who does not contribute to that should reflect first before they speak.
Does what I am saying and doing going to move the action, the world and the country forward or am I just wanting to get power for my individual gain?
Complete with the past and let it go.
Make good as much as possible what was done wrong and create a better future.
Whoever advocates for that is the new human, regardless of age, gender, non/religion, sexuality, background and anything else.
We are in this together whether people like it or not.
Let’s create a nicer future for our wonderful earth and for us.

as humans we suck

We are so proud of ourselves, that we have made inventions, have houses, planes and cars and all the amenities that come with the modern life.
But in the 21st century we still have not evolved beyond our basic, AND I mean, BASIC, tribe mentality.
We still stick with our own tribes, however we define them and there are many, many ways to belong to a tribe.
Many stay with the tribe they are born into, religions, countries, states, families, ethnic groups, skin colors. Those are just a few of the tribes that people belong to and like to stick with, some bigger, some smaller.
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in the face of the unacceptable

What is there to do when we have events beyond our control and many things are so unacceptable to us?
I wake up to this question every morning.
Voicing opinion works. It fosters agreement and gives strength in numbers. It also creates disagreement which at least hopefully provokes thought.
Demonstrations make public what many people are thinking.
They are effective once there are thousands and thousands of people. Continue reading in the face of the unacceptable

be your own best company

“Consciousness is a precondition of being.”
C.G. Jung

A lot of people do not spend time with themselves.
They don’t even think about putting some attention
on their own ideas and growth.
They put a lot of time making themselves look good
or pretty or acceptable.
But checking inside their minds is foreign to them.
And what goes on inside ourselves is fascinating.
First off the brain runs our whole inside starting from all the organs to everything else that makes us be alive.
Of course it has help from the organs which tell it what is needed.
Even more interesting is how we are processing what goes on
around us.
We are connection-making machines. We try to sort everything into the already existing structure of our brains, our previous experiences and knowledge.
If we stick only with that method of sorting our experiences into what is already existing we are only knowing what is already there.
There is no breakthrough or new insight possible.
It takes some effort and willingness to break up the tried and true patterns we are thinking in and actually let new information and insights into the brain.
Once we let that happen the entire world and our thoughts about it become completely interesting and fresh.
Life is then an adventure and a journey of discovery every single moment.
And the brain even has a mechanism when we sleep where it processes all the events and thoughts of the day.
By just taking time to let new thoughts and ideas into our brain we are having access to a world we never even dreamed existed.
It is the best way to live and to have fun.

If I hear one more time…..

“I did it all by myself and so can you if you only tried hard enough”.
What Baloney!
We didn’t pave the streets that the cars or trolleys use to get us places we want to go.
We didn’t build, much less invent the airplanes and build the airports and we weren’t the air traffic controllers who make sure we get wherever we want in comfort.
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books, books, books

“After 3 days without reading talk becomes flavorless.”
Chinese Proverb

I wouldn’t know about that. There is not an hour in my life, other than sleep, that I don’t read something.
I have tons of books of different subjects on my bookshelves that I am studying or I am interested in. One time a friend of mine stayed at my place when I was gone and thought she was doing me a favor by “tidying up” my books.
It took me months to sort them all back to where they belong.
I read 10+ books at a time.
I don’t sit down and read a book from cover to cover since
I don’t really read fiction – unless it is Alexander McCall Smith’s “The #1 Ladies Detective Agency” series.
I open a book somewhere and it often hits exactly where I want to forward my studies and gain understanding. A particular book often draws me to it and it hits the spot. Continue reading books, books, books

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