blood, guns and car chases

When movies and TV have found a success formula like action movies they are exploiting it to the bitter end.
And since it is the same “storyline” every time it has to get more violent, more bloody and more abusive.
More guns
More blood
More violence
More car chases
More helpless women to be rescued
More extreme everything
No content that is different.
The violence is the content.
The more often people watch these kinds of movies the more desensitized and unfeeling they get.
Boundaries of acceptance are crossed.
 People get numb and unfeeling toward others.
For some the urge is created to cause this horror themselves.
Wouldn’t it be great if nobody wants to watch these bloodthirsty movies anymore?
Isn’t the blood and gore enough?
How much more boring can it get to watch the same script over and over again?

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