Of course, health care!

I am trying to get my mind around this opposition to universal
health care:
If you eliminate vindictiveness against Obama.
If you eliminate the money question.
Here is what I cannot accept:
People are dependent on companies and corporations for work.
Corporations need people to do their work.
Workers are at the beck and call of corporations.
If the companies are busy they need workers.
If the companies make less profit they lay off or fire their workers. If workers get laid off at the mercy of these same companies and corporations, how can they be expected to become responsible for health insurance?
Suddenly these people who do the actual work for the stockholders are supposed to be on their own – DO OR DIE.
And the Amazon presence is slowly but surely eliminating individual businesses because they cannot compete. The option to be entrepreneurs have been dwindling and gig work has become more prevalent.
Are these workers supposed to die when the corporations don’t need them anymore?
The money exists to pay for healthcare for everyone.
We pay taxes.
A system was worked out.
It needs to be built on.
The cruelty of putting people through the ongoing anxiety of possibly losing healthcare is indefensible.
We are not in the middle ages anymore.

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