Self-preservation looks like this

For thinking caring people these are tough times.
We are bombarded with atrocities, tragedies, lies, corruption and everything else that fits in these categories, minute-in, minute-out.
Now self-preservation has to kick in.
We are no good to ourselves or anybody else if we give away our energy and succumb to the malaise.
Here is my transformational approach:
I am accepting my life the way it is and the way it isn’t.
It gives me the basis from where to start.
People in general are trying to do their best with what they got.
Although it is pretty hard to accept what people’s best looks like sometimes but nobody made me king.
Politics and my opinions are on my tackle list.
I will not have to feel this desperate anger and resignation anymore whenever I see us go backward in progress.
I am part of the solution.
I stand for democracy, citizenship and fairness.
I am also giving up getting upset about pedestrians, skaters, bicyclists, scooter and moped users.
It looks like they are here to stay and I have enough to do not hitting them since traffic laws are mostly suspended.
Who needs an emotion added to that.
My constant involuntary interaction with machines is another reality where I am going to get a grip.
After I yelled and screamed at the Alexis-type the other day who wanted me to tell her for the 10th time what my problem was
I threw in the towel.
If other people don’t care and put up with it, so will I.

But still, Alexis or Siri will never come into my own house!
It is bad enough that my car reminds me every time:
“Don’t forget your key.”
And even if I have to disagree, I mean, there are people who believe the weirdest things, Flat Earthers and Anti-Vaxxers come to mind, I will find the right words with dignity.
And I will not wish pestilence, locusts and hurricanes on the scammers anymore who call me every night around 4 am from countries all around the world. I am putting my phone on silence.
I am going to nourish my resistance-free existence and see where it will take me.
I have compassion with the human condition.
We are all trying to cope with life.

So for now it is:
Inhale                              Exhale                            Fuck it.

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