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sources of upsets and how to avoid them

We get upset about small or big things all the time, sometimes many times a day and often we stay upset for hours, days, years or even a lifetime. Imagine!
Available daily upsets are a dime a dozen:
Self-driving cars
A disrespectful cashier or no cashier.
A difficult partner or spouse.
A kid who doesn’t want to learn.
Gaining weight. Not gaining weight.
Rain. No rain.
No parking. Too many bicycles. Dirty streets.
Republicans. Democrats.
And that’s just the day-to-day stuff
The list goes on……………………
Upsets can be distilled to 3 major sources. It is not complex.
They are:
Undelivered communication
Unfulfilled expectation
Thwarted intention
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Contrarians Are Mean

Contrarians are people who, on principle, will take the position or opinion opposite the one you just expressed.
And then, if you agree with them or with one of their discussion points, they embrace the opinion you just changed your mind about.
The most annoying part about a contrarian is that the subjects and the opinions about these subjects are completely irrelevant to them. Continue reading Contrarians Are Mean


The time has come to abolish stereotyping. If we don’t, we will be nothing but robots in service to the few who have trained us like monkeys.
We are already halfway there. Ads are targeting us according to what we at one point have bought.
I was buying some workout leggings the other day.
Suddenly I am inundated with ads for leggings, not once, not twice, but every time I open my email, my Facebook and who knows what else. Every time!! Continue reading WE HAVE TO RESIST THE STEREOTYPING


Life and communication has changed a lot in the last 60 years that I actually witnessed.
This is how life used to be.
Right after the second world war in Germany people in small villages had no access to local news. For a while a man went around different places in the village, rang a big bell and told people the local news in a loud voice. Once newspapers could be printed again, the news cryers became obsolete. Continue reading COMMUNICATION AND HOW IT CHANGED US


There is so much to do.
Everywhere I look there are people to help, animals and plants to preserve, messes to clean up and on top of it to live a life I love.
Where to start?
We have to choose where to make a difference.
Creating a society where it is safe to live without fear of getting killed is a big job and a good place to start. Some people, especially the young, will take on the task of decreasing possession of guns in the country. Continue reading CREATE A SAFE SOCIETY NOW