There is so much to do.
Everywhere I look there are people to help, animals and plants to preserve, messes to clean up and on top of it to live a life I love.
Where to start?
We have to choose where to make a difference.
Creating a society where it is safe to live without fear of getting killed is a big job and a good place to start. Some people, especially the young, will take on the task of decreasing possession of guns in the country.
The big question is why we have created a country where people think they need guns to defend themselves.
When have we lost the ability to communicate?
How can we take away the fear that life is so dangerous?
Is it really about lurking danger everywhere why the gun owners so fiercely defend their weapons?
Or is it about having power over others and enjoying the fear and intimidation that these weapons are creating?
Is ego a big part of their thrill to be able to kill others?
Nobody needs to shoot animals for food in our country.
We need to protect the animals, not decimate them.
If an area is so dangerous that people are fearful for their lives all the time we have to look at what makes the area so threatening.
Then we need to remedy the problems.
We have the money to do it.

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