Life and communication has changed a lot in the last 60 years that I actually witnessed.
This is how life used to be.
Right after the second world war in Germany people in small villages had no access to local news. For a while a man went around different places in the village, rang a big bell and told people the local news in a loud voice. Once newspapers could be printed again, the news cryers became obsolete.
TV became more prevalent in the 60s. We would gather around a neighbor’s TV and it took a while for each household to have its own TV. In time the media started exploding with magazines, newspapers, more channels on pay-TV and more movies.
Media monopolies started forming. Fast forward and now we have the internet all over the world.
It is the first time in history that we can have news from every corner of the planet.
As always there are pros and cons.
We could have used this access to get to know each other better, get along, make a difference all over the globe.
Unfortunately the underbelly also showed itself right away. Hacking, lying, denying and using propaganda to influence and manipulate people have become the norm.
I just hope that good will win eventually and we can build bridges all across the world and learn from each other.
Slavery, corruption and suppression are being exposed everywhere and it is my deep wish that the internet will help that our society and people in the world will lead a better lives.

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