Contrarians Are Mean

Contrarians are people who, on principle, will take the position or opinion opposite the one you just expressed.
And then, if you agree with them or with one of their discussion points, they embrace the opinion you just changed your mind about.
The most annoying part about a contrarian is that the subjects and the opinions about these subjects are completely irrelevant to them.

Their joy consists of provoking you if you are unlucky enough to take them seriously and give them the time of day.
Once you are sucked into the discussion, the contrarian then continues to provoke and switch sides until you are angry and pissed off.
Contrarians do not state their points of view in order to have a serious discussion or exchange of opinions.
Their enjoyment is to make you angry by responding with irrelevant, inane and completely stupid answers and off-the-wall comments.
Only when you lose composure or patience are they satisfied.
They then have achieved their goal of having burned you out and made you mad and used. They sucked your enthusiasm out of you and you are left frustrated, mad and hopeless.
And it will take time to recover.
That is what makes them happy.
Stay away from them.

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