What are the causes that these many dictators arise over and over again with each generation?
It looks like a combination of greed for money, a brutal craving to boss others around and a meanness that is unsurpassed and incomprehensible.
These dictators have absolutely no respect for the lives of others.
They have no compassion and no feeling for others.
The callousness cannot be justified nor tolerated.
That cannot be all there is to it.

What happens to a cute little baby that he becomes a killer of thousands?
I just can’t explain it.
I am sure that there are some explanations but when you cut away all of the justifications and explanations, there is something missing in the brains of these people.
How can an Assad get up in the morning and go to work knowing that half a million people are dead and millions displaced because he cannot let go of his position?
How can a Duarte order people killed just because he does not like drugs?
And how can a Trump order people to their death on Twitter instead of trying to find a better way to change a horrible situation?
How can a Putin support the decimation of people wherever he decides to invade or to support another dictator?
These are just samples of dictators or wannabes we deal with left and right.
There are many other examples, present and past.
And how can people, regular people who go to work, have kids and families, support these lowlifes?
What is missing in their brains?
I do not understand it.
I cannot comprehend it as I stand helplessly and impotently by, watching atrocities all over the world and in our backyard.
What is missing?
What can we do to change it once and for all to protect the people, animals and plants now and those that come after us?
That needs to be the question we have to keep asking ourselves because obviously we don’t learn from our past.
It is a basic question.
We don’t need to get sophisticated.
We need to out figure something in the present.
This cannot go on and on.

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