The Growth-Based Economy has to evolve

From the time I started understanding how life and the economy work I always had this gnawing question in the back of my mind:
If everything hinges on growth, isn’t there a limit? The earth is finite. We grow and grow and grow and then what?
Now we know; we have too many cars, too many wars, too many people, to much of everything.
And still we have to grow to keep our standard of living, our way of life.

Wars have been the preferred solution for centuries. Kill a bunch of people off and take over their countries. Make money on the weapons and then build it up for them. As they replenish themselves, make money on that too. And voila, friends, until the next time.
But now wars don’t solve the problems the same way anymore. There are immense amounts of people. Resources are rapidly depleted. In the quest to feed more people, animals and insects are destroyed that made nature fertile and self-sustaining. As more technology is invented, food and beverages are less and less resembling the nourishment we need for our bodies to be healthy and vital.
So we pop vitamin pills by the bottle. When our lifestyle breaks down our body in various ways we then invent treatments, such as they are, for the civilization illnesses.
The hard questions are never asked like:
1) Isn’t it time to think about ways to prosper without having to grow incessantly and destroying the planet in the process?
2) What about also promoting lifestyles that don’t necessarily demand of every adult to procreate and get fulfillment only from having kids?
3) And the hardest question: Why is profit the main motivator of corporations?
4) What about creating a kind and supportive society where people don’t think they need guns to defend themselves?
5) What about accepting bodies the way they are, black, white and all shades inbetween, big, small, short, tall and differently talented?
6) What if every child was a wanted child?
7) What if we stopped the incessant drumbeat of buy/buy/buy and the connected sell/sell/sell as the basis of the economy?
Let all the brilliant people start thinking of other ways to run the economy. I know there are better ways than basing a prosperous society on wars and trying to replace humans with robots.

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