All you need is love……
The obvious kinds of love are well-known.
Romantic love? Movies and novels are full of them.
We want to be in love and we want a partner who loves us and fulfills our ever wish.
Family love like kids and pets and spouses, parents, relatives and best friends also show up in our daily lives.
Platonic love fits in here.
Love of country and divine love with warrior bonding are braided in.
The outliers might be love of the mysterious and the magical. Love of evil and the dark side have a place in our countdown and are often expressed in horror and thriller movies and books.
Love of art, beauty and adventure are our built-in highlights.
Many people also love conflict, power and learning.
But self-love, ah, self-love…..
That is another story.
From very early on we are discouraged from feeling self-love.
Appreciating ourselves and celebrating our aliveness and progress are not part of our encouragement.
The underlying fear must be that we could become conceited and overconfident.
The opposite is true.
So many people nurture hidden self-hatred and self-sabotage.
If someone else would talk to us the way we allow our inner voice talk to us, we would punch them out.
Day in, day out, your voice tells us that:
we are not good enough,
we are going to be laughed at,
we will never make it,
we are not thin, pretty, strong enough.
unless you have self-love and appreciation of your own uniqueness and your own life, it is almost impossible to capture our joy of life
Instead we are seeking our happiness from others, from drugs and alcohol, from sacrifice and suffering .
Let’s celebrate ourselves instead!
We are succeeding day-in and day-out and we are doing our best.

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