I post a lot on Facebook and make many comments on other Facebook sites.  Often when there is a political post, trolls show up. It took me a bit to realize that trolls do not engage in real dialogue.  I engaged with them, trying to get a real dialogue They just want to poison the atmosphere if it is not a post that feeds the hatred that they want to spread. Trolls body-shame, call names, spread lies and continually repeat the same hateful statements that are lies, innuendos and below-the-belt insults having to do with excrements and stupidity. I will continue to engage with trolls with the intent to communicate and I will not stoop to the same level. If I get angry, they have achieved their goal. Whenever I have the inclination I will continue to engage by digging deeper. I just don’t see any other way to stop this divisiveness than to get to their humanity. When they are combative, aggressive and antagonistic what they want is to wear us down. I am turning the table and not engage at that level.
On top of it, it is no fun. If I resist them, they persist. Instead I will engage them. Maybe I can reach the humanity of some of them.


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