I have this little whale figurine on top of my drawer. It used to live in my mother’s living room  It is mended with scotch tape. You don’t see the break until you move it to the side. Somewhere along the
line the little whale  had cracked and my mom loved it so much that she kept it. It is now mine. Still mended with scotch tape. And every time it catches my attention I smile and think of my wonderful mom. She did not throw away things just because they were not perfect anymore . And she taught us the same about people. People have flaws. We all do. Just because we see the flaws in others, if they are good people, they are worth keeping as friends. And because people we do business with or get services from have their own quirks or a bad day, it is worth to allow for that and not get all righteous and upset. Maybe asking them a kind and compassionate question will turn their day around. Maybe acknowledging them for their work or service would make their day.
“It is nice to be nice.”

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