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I am just as in love with my Iphone as the next person. I check my messages, my facebook and my texts when I get up and throughout the day. I love to be able to be in contact with people in my environment and all over the world. I have relationships with people I have never met, people whose insights, self-expressions and caring for the planet elicits my deepest respect. And of course the opposite of it too.

But I am starting to burn out beyond it. Every time I call a company, the city, any institution at all, it takes 5-10 minutes to get to the person I need, if I get to her or him at all.

And every damn one of the recordings is telling me that for my convenience I can go to their website. Baloney! That is not for my convenience. How stupid do they think I am? If I have to go to their website I do the work that they used to do. Companies and institutions abdicate their responsibility to provide customer service and solutions.If I am such a dummy and I can’t figure it out, I can google it. That is their attitude. It’s not their problem. I am so sick of doing the work of companies and other people.

When I have clicked my way through their whole directory a couple of times and I am thoroughly frustrated they get around to telling me that they are closed and don’t take any messages.

And we don’t have much interaction with each other either. In daily life just about everybody is on headphones. Approaching someone it feels as if we are interrupting more important and more interesting activities. And more than not we are getting texts rather than talking to each other.

We talk to these machines because we don’t have a choice. Actually we are ruled by the machines. If we don’t answer correctly the machine keeps insisting that we give the right response. And we end up yelling at the phone as if the recording cared.

I am bored with this world.

And it will only get worse. The robot development is moving forward at lightning speed. Development of self-driving cars is on the front burner of every major car company and I have no idea why anybody would want to give their lives into the hands of robots. What on earth is fun about another layer of inanimate interactions.

Brave New World. It is making us dependent, infantile and passive human beings. Not a very good prospect.

2 thoughts on “TALKING IS SO 90s”

  1. Dearest Heidi, I am so very impressed with you writers voice, passion and topics. Keep-on-keeping-on! We need your inspiration and education. Step-by-step we’ll get there. Each of us has a very important part of the ‘grand design.’ I am so thrilled that you have found your voice…loud and clear. Thank you for your significant contribution. It is an honor to know you.

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