you have to be FOR something.
Negativity does not attract people who get things done. It does draw complainers. And those are the ones who think that bitching means that they are doing something constructive.
Complaining without corrective action does not produce any results. It is mental jerking around and a cop-out.
It is easy to complain and it takes courage to do something.
So what is missing? A vision is missing, a commitment to make a difference in life, make the world a better place, move evolution forward.
A vision that is bigger than ourselves which would take our breaths away if we achieved it.
My own vision is that people have access to self-sufficiency, financial prosperity, abundance and power.
I believe that when people have their own homes, earn a living that supports them and their loved ones it gives them a feeling of abundance and personal power.
People who have a good, happy and balanced life to lose are less likely to start wars and are supportive of peace and harmony.

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