my San Francisco Traffic rant

I see a very bad situation brewing in San Francisco.
I drive a lot in the city for my profession and I want to share an alarming trend in the City.
Many pedestrians do not look left or right anymore.
They don’t even turn their heads or look up from their phones
when they are crossing in a crosswalk or a traffic light.
A sense of entitlement has crept onto the day-to-day streets
that I find very scary.
A lot of people, when they are on the sidewalk decide that when they get the thoughtof crossing the street in their heads, that
drivers should know it.
They step off the curb and get indignant if they are looking at all that the driver has not guessed that they want to cross.
The Uber and Lyft drivers never, yes never! pull over to the side when they pick up a passenger.
They just stop nilly-willy in whatever lane they are. I have never
seen any of them get a ticket for double parking or endangering other drivers.
As a matter of fact: I have not seen any traffic laws enforced throughout the city fora long time.
Here and there – there is a seat belt enforcement but, double parking and jaywalking and scooters on the sidewalks, bikes which don’t stop at any traffic lights, skaters who skate down hills risking lives, theirs and others.
The list goes on.
But always and forever the car drivers are blamed. And Heaven forbid it is a driver over 60. The indication is that age was a contributing factor even though statistics say otherwise.
No. It is not accurate and not right.
There is double and more than double traffic than there used to be, mainly because of Uber and Lyft and those of us who have to drive for a living are being vilified and pushed to ever fewer lanes.
We are taught early as children to look left and right.
Somehow that lesson is getting lost with the adults.

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